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My first poll

This poll is my first successful attempt to ask you some form of questions that if answered might give me a clue to know your beauty-related questions and problems you have in your minds so that I will release new posts that will be able to answer your questions and ,at least post quality contents. The poll’s below.

Want to know the result? Click ‘View results’ . Got two votes already and also writing another post based on it. Also, write the reason for your vote or short note in the comment section below to explain so that I will address the issue specifically. Don’t reveal much.

Want to receive posts answering your questions,vote and subscribe, and I also think that sending you the link is a lot more easily. That being said, by God’s grace, I will be able to reply you with a befitting answer. Thanks, God bless us and love you allπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡.

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5 Awesome Blogging Tips β€” My Blessing by Grace

A month ago I wrote a post on 5 Ways To Grow Your Blog and many people have really liked that post. In fact it became my most popular post in a week and in two weeks it reached the first page of google when you search β€˜5 Ways To Grow Your Blog’! So IΒ […]

5 Awesome Blogging Tips β€” My Blessing by Grace
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Top 5 Habits Of A Successful Entrepreneur β€”

If you’re anything like this blogger, you’re probably obsessed about how you can reach your next level of success, and how good you’ll feel when you’ll get there. Getting there can be frustrating; there is such a big gap between having an idea and reaping the rewards. You could work hard for months and notΒ […]

Top 5 Habits Of A Successful Entrepreneur β€”
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Natural Organic Skin Care – Understanding Differences β€” Natural Skin Care Love

Learning about natural organic skin care differences is of utmost importance for achieving and maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. As the largest organ of the body, skin serves as a protective barrier against attacks such as environmental pollutants, harsh temperatures, the sun’s rays, and so on. Without proper care, skin shows signs of lines, wrinkles, discoloration, age spots, and various types of skin conditions such as acne. To keep skin looking and feeling great, health-conscious consumers to be educated about viable solutions – specifically, all natural skin care products.

Natural Organic Skin Care – Understanding Differences β€” Natural Skin Care Love
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How to grow long hair

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Suggestions on ways to grow long hair.

Hey guys. Today’s post is all about how to grow long hair. When I was younger, my hair was very long, rough, thick and tough. Letting the comb through the forest was painful that my hair was shaved and even as I grew, it was still long until I made a mistake that led to my present state. Before I never cared nor considered that my long hair was shortened but now, I care a lot. These mistakes have been my guide and my hair is now natural.

Testimonies?-Well, my hair is natural, darker, strong, firm,soft and beautiful. And still thick. And almost every one wants it.

The following are the tips I suggest will help solve the problems of poor hair growth and increase the length of our hair. Enjoy and try it out.

Tips to grow long hair

  • Comb your hair regularly
  • Trim the tips of your hair
  • Apply hair masks
  • Apply essential oils
  • Don’t wash the hair daily
  • Don’t comb the hair when wet
  • Use micro fiber towels to dry the hair
  • Stop chemical treatments
  • Go natural
  • Always condition the hair
  • Resist the dye-uiside
  • Always read and follow instructions on labels of products before use.
  • Reduce exposure to sun.
  • Always condition your hair.
  • After conditioning, always moisturize to prevent drying up which will cause brittleness of your hair.
  • Use a non sulfur hair treatment cream.
  • Eat healthy and balanced diets.
  • Drink water. This makes blood flow easy .
  • Go for check up if you begin to notice hair loss so that you know the cause before starting any treatment.
  • Eat oily fish or let’s say food filled with omega 3,protein and other minerals. I think I have to write a post on that.
  • Comment below if you have any questions and answer my first poll.

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My First Blog Post

My blogging experience

Patience is needed. -Esther Eze


This is one of my favourite quotes. My experience as a blogger has not been so friendly or sweet in a way that I had to ask’Why?What’s wrong?’

I never knew anything or any word called blogging until early this year in the late Jan/Feb. A friend introduced it to me saying it was a great way to share my beatips and at the same time earn some cash as a student. I then began my research.

My first choice was WordPress. It seemed easy to state and at the time, I made 3 blog sites. Didn’t understand the rules and buttons but was able to create 3 blogs. How crazy! But I made it.Gave them sweet interesting names but lack of data and time,understanding of the basic concepts and right arrangement of ideas made my blogs just one of those abandoned sites. Later deleted them and went to Google Blogger.

Blogger was supes easy to get a working engine while at the same time requesting me to add a site domain. How in the world was any beginner know what that meant. Oo.Call it beginner’s luck or God’s grace, I added f and to my wowing state, it worked. Blogger was, let me say,sweet but their AdSense rules need to be reviewed. My site started gaining visitors from countries like Belgium and the Netherlands to mention but a few with more than 1,100 visitors all time. It encouraged me until I met Google AdSense. To cut the long paragraph short.,I left Blogger because its recaptha guide wasted my data.I finally decided to make a come back. To return to WordPress.

With the little experience and knowledge I got,I finally made it led to this level that I am and I am not regretting. My thanks go to those who supported me with their views. Bless you and love you all.