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Water: its impact on your health and beauty state

Water before was very emphasized for beauty and health most especially but these days I hear nothing. So I’m going to talk about the use of water based on my experiences and how it improved everything for me: how it impacts health and overall appearance.

1. Water for a soft skin

I have actually used water to improve my skin. It works well. Water cleanses the blood, it provides oxygen to the cells which is essential for the health of the cell cycle and so leads to refreshment and youthfulness of the cell and this cleanses the pores around the skin.

I advise what you do is when you wake up, drink water. Avoid drinking cold water as it clogs the skin pores by shrinking and it reduces blood flow. Everyday at least in the morning I drank 4 cups of warm water. My skin became smoother and supple. I just had to jot them down.

Warm water in the morning can cause pain when on an empty stomach and it seems drawy in the mouth. It wasn’t so cool but it worked. Thing is I’m just a lazy girl these days but the day I decide to do something, I will continue all over again.

2. Water for health

It is said that when someone is sick,he or she should drink water and it is also said that health is wealth. Since water has the power to renew the body,if you’re sick just keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water.

Have you noticed that when someone is in a bad state or sick they don’t have a good looking appearance ,even without the make-up ‘cuz there’s no smile 🀷? That’s because the body is weak. Water removes toxic waste and helps with blood flow for proper healing of the cells.

It also aids in digestion of food which aids for the good passage of waste and eventually a good digestive and excretory system making the body system clean.

Please keep a bottle of water besides you or someone else who is sick. It will help a lot.

3. Water for improving mental health

Water improves the mental state of a person. Whenever I’m stressed I drink water. The head pounds and I drink my water. It helps relieve the pressure and reduce pains

4. Eye care and health

Water does a great job at relieving stress on the eyes. When you have eye pain or you feel your eyes are unstable ,drink water to wash the eyes. I noticed that when I drink water when having such a problem it’s like my eyes turn wet. This keeps the eyes clean.

Water also helps in giving white eyeballs. This post on How to get white eyeballs

5. Hair growth

Water helps with good movement of nutrients found in the blood,head and hair included. The water deals with dandruff by cleaning the follicles, washing your hair also helps, and the nutrients will be moved in the hair follicles with even and high spread and the hair will have a healthy growth.

6. Weight loss

Do you know that water aids with weight loss? I always advice against cold water because it reduces blood flow and increases risk of restrictions on the heart. Warm water or almost hot water helps to shed fat and reduces waste and fat in the body.

Short summary

As you can see, water does have a lot of benefits both for health, beauty and general wellness : for health, hair growth, mental state and eye care. I hope you have learnt something new at least and know how water can improve your beauty and overall wellness. Hoping to hear how it goes for you

By Esther Eze

I'm a blogger and freelancer.

When not writing, I write codes

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