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How to grow long hair

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Suggestions on ways to grow long hair.

Hey guys. Today’s post is all about how to grow long hair. When I was younger, my hair was very long, rough, thick and tough. Letting the comb through the forest was painful that my hair was shaved and even as I grew, it was still long until I made a mistake that led to my present state. Before I never cared nor considered that my long hair was shortened but now, I care a lot. These mistakes have been my guide and my hair is now natural.

Testimonies?-Well, my hair is natural, darker, strong, firm,soft and beautiful. And still thick. And almost every one wants it.

The following are the tips I suggest will help solve the problems of poor hair growth and increase the length of our hair. Enjoy and try it out.

Tips to grow long hair

  • Comb your hair regularly
  • Trim the tips of your hair
  • Apply hair masks
  • Apply essential oils
  • Don’t wash the hair daily
  • Don’t comb the hair when wet
  • Use micro fiber towels to dry the hair
  • Stop chemical treatments
  • Go natural
  • Always condition the hair
  • Resist the dye-uiside
  • Always read and follow instructions on labels of products before use.
  • Reduce exposure to sun.
  • Always condition your hair.
  • After conditioning, always moisturize to prevent drying up which will cause brittleness of your hair.
  • Use a non sulfur hair treatment cream.
  • Eat healthy and balanced diets.
  • Drink water. This makes blood flow easy .
  • Go for check up if you begin to notice hair loss so that you know the cause before starting any treatment.
  • Eat oily fish or let’s say food filled with omega 3,protein and other minerals. I think I have to write a post on that.
  • Comment below if you have any questions and answer my first poll.

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By Esther Eze

I'm a blogger and freelancer.

When not writing, I write codes

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