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Ear wax: A solution for some skin problems

The ear is a very known organ specialized in receiving sound from around your environment and transmitting it to the brain for interpretation and possible response to stimuli. Do you know that the ear is also responsible for balance? The ear does do important things but today I am going to talk more about the ear wax and what possibilities it has to solve some skin problems.

The ear wax in the ear is produced and secreted by the wax glands protects the ear in a lot of ways. It keeps the ear sealed from tiny insects and particles that enter into the ear and keeps the ear disinfected thereby increasing the immunity of the ear.

The ear wax contains a certain purifying substance that cleanses the ear and keeps it clean and free from germs. I also heard a story from my mother about how, when she was young,a friend used ear wax to deal with the boil on her skin.

Ear wax can be used to deal with the skin problems such as boil and pimple. It can be smelly and disgusting but I just had to it and it worked gradually. Just apply on your skin. Another alternative is Palm oil if you don’t want disgusting but it stains clothes easily so apply with care.

Also, doctors advice against picking your ear so you could ask your doctor about what you can do about it.

By Esther Eze

I'm a blogger and freelancer.

When not writing, I write codes

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