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Water: its impact on your health and beauty state

Water before was very emphasized for beauty and health most especially but these days I hear nothing. So I’m going to talk about the use of water based on my experiences and how it improved everything for me: how it impacts health and overall appearance.

1. Water for a soft skin

I have actually used water to improve my skin. It works well. Water cleanses the blood, it provides oxygen to the cells which is essential for the health of the cell cycle and so leads to refreshment and youthfulness of the cell and this cleanses the pores around the skin.

I advise what you do is when you wake up, drink water. Avoid drinking cold water as it clogs the skin pores by shrinking and it reduces blood flow. Everyday at least in the morning I drank 4 cups of warm water. My skin became smoother and supple. I just had to jot them down.

Warm water in the morning can cause pain when on an empty stomach and it seems drawy in the mouth. It wasn’t so cool but it worked. Thing is I’m just a lazy girl these days but the day I decide to do something, I will continue all over again.

2. Water for health

It is said that when someone is sick,he or she should drink water and it is also said that health is wealth. Since water has the power to renew the body,if you’re sick just keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water.

Have you noticed that when someone is in a bad state or sick they don’t have a good looking appearance ,even without the make-up ‘cuz there’s no smile 🤷? That’s because the body is weak. Water removes toxic waste and helps with blood flow for proper healing of the cells.

It also aids in digestion of food which aids for the good passage of waste and eventually a good digestive and excretory system making the body system clean.

Please keep a bottle of water besides you or someone else who is sick. It will help a lot.

3. Water for improving mental health

Water improves the mental state of a person. Whenever I’m stressed I drink water. The head pounds and I drink my water. It helps relieve the pressure and reduce pains

4. Eye care and health

Water does a great job at relieving stress on the eyes. When you have eye pain or you feel your eyes are unstable ,drink water to wash the eyes. I noticed that when I drink water when having such a problem it’s like my eyes turn wet. This keeps the eyes clean.

Water also helps in giving white eyeballs. This post on How to get white eyeballs

5. Hair growth

Water helps with good movement of nutrients found in the blood,head and hair included. The water deals with dandruff by cleaning the follicles, washing your hair also helps, and the nutrients will be moved in the hair follicles with even and high spread and the hair will have a healthy growth.

6. Weight loss

Do you know that water aids with weight loss? I always advice against cold water because it reduces blood flow and increases risk of restrictions on the heart. Warm water or almost hot water helps to shed fat and reduces waste and fat in the body.

Short summary

As you can see, water does have a lot of benefits both for health, beauty and general wellness : for health, hair growth, mental state and eye care. I hope you have learnt something new at least and know how water can improve your beauty and overall wellness. Hoping to hear how it goes for you

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Ear wax: A solution for some skin problems

The ear is a very known organ specialized in receiving sound from around your environment and transmitting it to the brain for interpretation and possible response to stimuli. Do you know that the ear is also responsible for balance? The ear does do important things but today I am going to talk more about the ear wax and what possibilities it has to solve some skin problems.

The ear wax in the ear is produced and secreted by the wax glands protects the ear in a lot of ways. It keeps the ear sealed from tiny insects and particles that enter into the ear and keeps the ear disinfected thereby increasing the immunity of the ear.

The ear wax contains a certain purifying substance that cleanses the ear and keeps it clean and free from germs. I also heard a story from my mother about how, when she was young,a friend used ear wax to deal with the boil on her skin.

Ear wax can be used to deal with the skin problems such as boil and pimple. It can be smelly and disgusting but I just had to it and it worked gradually. Just apply on your skin. Another alternative is Palm oil if you don’t want disgusting but it stains clothes easily so apply with care.

Also, doctors advice against picking your ear so you could ask your doctor about what you can do about it.

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Ways to look good without makeup.

So this is my first post since a long time that I am publishing now due to some developments in my life. Sorry 🥺. So I am hoping that I will be able to post something educative and about what I love doing best. Natural makeover 😱🤯!

I know that most of my gal pals love to add makeup,at least, some powder and carving, that’s ok but some things we want to go at least natural for a day or two to appreciate both sides. If you have not done that before, I’m going to tell you my method.

I’m going to give you some tips about how to look good naturally without makeup at least for a day. I’m hoping this will be of help to you and you are not confused. If you are, please say something cuz I am confusing at times.

Please pay attention! The following ways are sure and applying them will ease everything.

  • Be confident

I’m very sure that most people apply makeup to make them feel more comfortable and confident in themselves but if you want to go without makeup and know what it feels like, trust in your natural look and see yourself as looking as beautiful as you are with make up on.

Just exude that confidence and those around you will notice your beauty, inside and outside.

  • Dress up

In order to ease your confidence, dress up well for that special occasion or just for yourself. Dress to please yourself and make yourself happy. Don’t dress up in uncomfortable and immodest dressing as you might feel bad and uneasy.

  • Smile

Do you know that a smile can make one’s day 🤷? It not only does that but it makes you look even more beautiful and happy and you live longer too. Try putting up with things in your life. Be strong. Smile and ease your troubles and calm your thoughts. You don’t know who’s falling in love with your smile.

Keep smiling because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.

N.B.: Do NOT fake a smile. Let it come on your face because of your happy memories.

  • Take good care of yourself

Proper care of yourself and self love is just about enough to make you see a light at the end of the tunnel. Take proper care of yourself by eating balanced meals, especially lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising, sleeping well, cultivating healthy habits, ensuring proper health of both mind and body. This is sure to do the trick.

  • Self-appreciation

Always appreciate your capabilities, your decisions, everything about you. Do NOT have an excuse for being you and this is what I have learnt. I used to think I was not in any way good looking and not beautiful but everyone has his or her own views and I have accepted myself for who I really am. That I’m beautiful. And the moment you accept that about, others will have no other choice than to see you as beautiful.


In conclusion, what I am just trying to say is that being yourself is all that matters is accepting yourself for who you really are and appreciating all about you. Not just you but me and everyone around us cuz what God has created is good and marvelous in our sight.

All things being equal, I want you to stay safe as I know only the living is reading this now cuz they keep increasing. Stay safe for me andone love.

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Tips to improve general health and appearance.


This post is based on the vote I got from my first beauty poll which is featured on the home page of my blog. If you need any answers, please vote and comment with your reasons or questions and I will, by God’s grace, be able to answer you effectively and if you are not satisfied, you can fill out the form below the post or comment,your choice.

Healthy ways to alleviate sicknesses that are chronic.

It is said that health is wealth and I want to reveal some natural ways you can reduce symptoms of sicknesses while at the same time curing it which include the following.

  • Drink warm water

You read this right. Drinking warm water is a ‘slow and steady’ habit to have. Warm water has been written and read about online but truth is for sure that ‘Experience is the best teacher’. Even just drinking water early in the morning, as long as it isn’t cold or chilled, is also beneficial because I tried it once. I remember when I used to do this, just drinking water when I wake up, and I noticed my skin was softer and smoother than usual .

N.B.:It must not be immediately you wake up. Also, you might feel pain in your abdomen as you drink it,like it’s pulling you in. Don’t know why but I think it’s because you are empty.

  • Go for regular check ups

If I ever had the chance to do things my own way,I would go for check ups. No,regular check ups. Check ups can actually help you to keep track of yourself and also updates you on your health status. Some means by which the government of my country help to encourage this is the affordable Primary health care centre in each district.

I would advice you to go at least once in two weeks. You could also get a first aid box in case of emergency.

  • Exercise

Exercises are good for the body,or at least that’s what the doc says. Why is it good? When exercising, our body, everything in and on us begins to follow the route we decide to go. It’s either we are walking or stretching or weight lifting. Our body does our bidding.

Exercising makes the blood to circulate faster which means more elimination of toxic waste, movement of our hormones to target organs quicker while toning the muscles and increasing agility. Just logic.

If you ask me, I think that exercising makes the cells overworked, stressed, worn out, you get what I mean and that makes the body to respond by the replacement of worn out tissues and production of new cells. What do you think?

  • Eat fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables can actually reduce the effect of sicknesses. Sure most of you know that but do you know that you have to be specific. For example, if you have indigestion issues, reduce your intake of bananas and if you are pregnant, do not eat papaya/pawpaw.

The question is this: What food should I eat at least to alleviate the illness. This is what I found. (Expo: I will soon release a new post about the vitamins and minerals for health and beauty with foods that contains them so be prepared)

Food/fruits and vegetables I recommend

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t consult your doctor,just for your knowledge.

  • Apple

Sure you have heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is so because it contains trace elements like boron and also contains other vitamins.

  • Plantain

Plantain is really good for anaemia patients but the unripe plantain is the best. It is also recommended for young girls/women during mensuration because it gives a lot of iron which is needed for blood formation and energy, due to the loss of blood.

  • Fish
  • Liver
  • Cereals
  • Egg yolk
  • Rice
  • Heart
  • Whole grains
  • Yeast
  • Meat,e.t.c.


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Ingredients that make you look younger than your age;also keeps your entire body younger too😉.


These ingredients, both organic and natural, help to keep you looking younger than you already are. Some do not only work on the face but also on your entire body. One of the products on the list that I tried attracted attention to me. I will tell you which later in the post but read on.

Natural and organic ingredients that gives you a younger you.

Some were tested and proven by me. Others well known by the world even I don’t need to convince you. The list’s below.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a well known plant that not only has medicinal and health related properties but also helps to keep the body looking younger. Just slice some aloe vera and rub the gel on your face. Since it dries your face ,it will be right to moisturize your face. You also have the choice to leave it on your face for 15 or more mins and rinse with cold water.

You could also drink the diluted form, just dilute the gel with lots of water. It is very bitter so ,add some sweet honey to it. It will increase longevity of life cells by improving cell immunity of the body. Consult your doctor before going into it.

  • Star flower oil

I am very sure that by doing this, I am actually improving the business of the producers and retailers of this product. I am quite sure not all of you know about this wonder oil and plant because it is found in the Mediterranean.

Star flower oil has been proven to keep the skin looking younger and drinking it daily has also been proven to rejuvenate the body organs. They are sold in wholesale shops online. You can also search for it on Google.

  • Honey
Photo by Pixabay on

This is the product I was talking about in my intro. I went to school and all were looking at me. How weird😏. I got my answer at the end of school for that day when my inspiration i.e. the push for me creating this blog, told me that I was looking more beautiful and younger than usual. This is my trick.

Before taking my bath and going to school that day, I poured honey on my face and rubbed it all over. Honey’s sticky. During my bath,I used warm water to wash my face,mind you, live it on your face for 30 or more mins.

  • Water

Water is very useful in increasing longevity which also means a younger you. Drink water daily as it washes away toxins and free radicals on your body. A daily cup of warm water daily is enough. Also washing your face and skin before sleeping at night and after waking up is a good start.

  • Olive oil
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Olive oil is also known to make the skin look lovelier than usual and since it is a healthy oil, it will be good to use it for cooking.


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