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Ways to look good without makeup.

So this is my first post since a long time that I am publishing now due to some developments in my life. Sorry πŸ₯Ί. So I am hoping that I will be able to post something educative and about what I love doing best. Natural makeover 😱🀯!

I know that most of my gal pals love to add makeup,at least, some powder and carving, that’s ok but some things we want to go at least natural for a day or two to appreciate both sides. If you have not done that before, I’m going to tell you my method.

I’m going to give you some tips about how to look good naturally without makeup at least for a day. I’m hoping this will be of help to you and you are not confused. If you are, please say something cuz I am confusing at times.

Please pay attention! The following ways are sure and applying them will ease everything.

  • Be confident

I’m very sure that most people apply makeup to make them feel more comfortable and confident in themselves but if you want to go without makeup and know what it feels like, trust in your natural look and see yourself as looking as beautiful as you are with make up on.

Just exude that confidence and those around you will notice your beauty, inside and outside.

  • Dress up

In order to ease your confidence, dress up well for that special occasion or just for yourself. Dress to please yourself and make yourself happy. Don’t dress up in uncomfortable and immodest dressing as you might feel bad and uneasy.

  • Smile

Do you know that a smile can make one’s day 🀷? It not only does that but it makes you look even more beautiful and happy and you live longer too. Try putting up with things in your life. Be strong. Smile and ease your troubles and calm your thoughts. You don’t know who’s falling in love with your smile.

Keep smiling because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.

N.B.: Do NOT fake a smile. Let it come on your face because of your happy memories.

  • Take good care of yourself

Proper care of yourself and self love is just about enough to make you see a light at the end of the tunnel. Take proper care of yourself by eating balanced meals, especially lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising, sleeping well, cultivating healthy habits, ensuring proper health of both mind and body. This is sure to do the trick.

  • Self-appreciation

Always appreciate your capabilities, your decisions, everything about you. Do NOT have an excuse for being you and this is what I have learnt. I used to think I was not in any way good looking and not beautiful but everyone has his or her own views and I have accepted myself for who I really am. That I’m beautiful. And the moment you accept that about, others will have no other choice than to see you as beautiful.


In conclusion, what I am just trying to say is that being yourself is all that matters is accepting yourself for who you really are and appreciating all about you. Not just you but me and everyone around us cuz what God has created is good and marvelous in our sight.

All things being equal, I want you to stay safe as I know only the living is reading this now cuz they keep increasing. Stay safe for me andone love.

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Increasing your height even when you think you can’t grow taller.

In the world that we are living in today, our height goes a long way in describing us and also giving us opportunities to pursue our dreams. Careers such as modelling and working in the army seem to require tall folks for the job but is everyone that tall enough?

After all my research, observations and the likes, I have found out that getting that height is not just a simple wish but it can actually come true. Cutting the long story short, the following are sure ways to actually increase your height.

  • High πŸ‘ 

Do you know that wearing high heeled shoes / high heels πŸ‘  can actually increase your height. I have tried it and noticed it quite a lot that women who wear heels very often noticed an increase in their height. So, if you feel you are not tall enough, try the ‘Heel method’. If this should work, do NOT forget to share your feedback.

  • Stretches

Another way to increase your height is to do some stretching. Stretching ,which is also a way of exercising your body, is another alternative to heels, especially for the men.

There are so many unique ways you could stretch your body. An example is basketballing. Have you noticed that most basketballers are super tall. This is also to prove my point.

Other examples are just simple stretches you do in your leisure time, jumping, skipping, sleeping with your body totally spread on the bed.

  • Eating proteineous foods

Also, chunking proteineous meals can also help you achieve this dream especially if you begin from an early age. Take lots of beans, eggs and protein.

If you notice any stunt in your growth and you are not yet 50, you know what I mean, then consult your doctor. It could be there is an undersecretion of the hormone thyroxin by the thyroid gland.

  • Posture

This is another way for you to get your desired height but it is not all about your posture but maintaining a good posture at that.

A good posture means standing straight without ducking or bending your neck, sitting with a good posture on your chair, laying in a comfortable manner on your bed or couch.

By keeping a good posture, you give your body and opportunity to stretch and straighten up.

After reading this, I hope you have been educated enough, at least to a good extent, about ways that you can increase your height . I would really love to get your feedbacks and /or comments on my posts and poll.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post till the end.