My First Blog Post

My blogging experience

Patience is needed. -Esther Eze


This is one of my favourite quotes. My experience as a blogger has not been so friendly or sweet in a way that I had to ask’Why?What’s wrong?’

I never knew anything or any word called blogging until early this year in the late Jan/Feb. A friend introduced it to me saying it was a great way to share my beatips and at the same time earn some cash as a student. I then began my research.

My first choice was WordPress. It seemed easy to state and at the time, I made 3 blog sites. Didn’t understand the rules and buttons but was able to create 3 blogs. How crazy! But I made it.Gave them sweet interesting names but lack of data and time,understanding of the basic concepts and right arrangement of ideas made my blogs just one of those abandoned sites. Later deleted them and went to Google Blogger.

Blogger was supes easy to get a working engine while at the same time requesting me to add a site domain. How in the world was any beginner know what that meant. Oo.Call it beginner’s luck or God’s grace, I added f and to my wowing state, it worked. Blogger was, let me say,sweet but their AdSense rules need to be reviewed. My site started gaining visitors from countries like Belgium and the Netherlands to mention but a few with more than 1,100 visitors all time. It encouraged me until I met Google AdSense. To cut the long paragraph short.,I left Blogger because its recaptha guide wasted my data.I finally decided to make a come back. To return to WordPress.

With the little experience and knowledge I got,I finally made it led to this level that I am and I am not regretting. My thanks go to those who supported me with their views. Bless you and love you all.


Introduction to BELLE girls and its author

BELLE girls blog is a beauty blog created by Esther Adaeze Eze in order to help solve beauty problems and provide beautips to help raise the awareness of natural beauty and increase the rate of beautiful women who don’t apply make up.#Natural

So,truth is I created the blog to share my knowledge about herbs and natural ingredients used to enhance beauty ,and also, due to the encouragement of my friend, more or less,and the fact that I love natural, I said that I must create one.

From my next blog post, you will realise that this is not my first blog, but I hope it will shed some light on blogging for a beginner. You can check it out.

During my grad from Senior secondary school, when I was called out to receive my testimonial, the principal complimented on my looks ,saying I look beautiful and natural. She even gave me a gift, actually a towel , but it still counts and another girl too. My point is that being natural has its benefits so I hope to encourage it.

If any questions arise, don’t hesitate to contact me, give your suggestions and subscribe, like and share the blog posts,if you like it, slightly. This post was better the first time I typed it,but due to poor network and bad drafting, I got frustrated and had to speedily type. Truth is I have got exams this week Wednesday so I will be filled, even till September but I still derive joy in writing and have passion for my blogs.

Please comment as it would really make me happy to know that there are people out there reading my blog posts,even if it’s to point out a grammatical error. Since I don’t really have a data bundle plan,I will save some drafts in preparation of posting.

Till then,love you all and God bless you😍😘😘😍😘😍😘.

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